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BFI: David Lean Website
No, not this web site, but one put together by the BFI (British Film Institute). An excellent web site containing lots of rare and intriguing artifacts for online viewing. This is a “must see” web site for any fan of David Lean or his films.

David Lean Foundation:
A foundation that provides grants to young filmmakers that is run by the trustree’s of Lean’s estate.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB): David Lean
IMDB’s listing for David Lean. Site contains small biography, complete listing of all his films to include cast/crew, technical aspects, trivia, plot summaries, and more.

LA Weekly: David Lean at 100: The talent behind the legend.
Article discussing the film career of David Lean on the eve of (what would have been) his 100th birthday.

Herald Tribune. David Lean, perfectionist of madness.
A brief article discussing the work of David Lean. Article was to coincide with the David Lean Retrospective playing at the Film Forum in NY.

Sense of Cinema web site. David Lean Profile
Written by Alain Silver, this is an excellent overview and analysis of David Lean and his films.

Greatest Films: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
A complete synopsis of Lawrence including lenghty script excepts.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)-AFI #5
Part of the American Film Institutes best 100 films of all time. Provides a brief list of cast credits [updated to include Michael Wilson's screenwriting credit] and links to books, videotapes, and soundtracks related to the film.

The Bridge on the River Kwai (1952)-AFI #13
Part of the American Film Institutes best 100 films of all time. Provides a brief list of cast credits and links to books, videotapes, and soundtracks related to the film.

Washing Post: Lawrence of Arabia (PG)
An article on the restoration of Lawrence of Arabia at the time of its release. The author discusses the enhancements that have been made on the film and how it has been restored to its original granduer. Written by Rita Kempley on February 8, 1989.

The online “community” encyclopedia lists Lean’s accomplishments with a brief history of his life. The majority of the information is correct though there are some “facts” that are innaccurate.

'Lawrence of Arabia' The Way It Should Be
A NY Times article written at the time of Lawrence of Arabia’s re-relase in 1988. Article quotes Steven Spielberg and quickly discusses the restoration work by Robert Harris.

The Restoration of Lawrence of Arabia
A transcription of a press article written by Columbia Picture released at the time of Lawrence’s restoration. A fascinating article that describes in detail the history of the restoration including the poor condition of the film elements and Lean’s involvement in the project. Essential reading.

A Few Notes on Lawrence of Arabia: Superbit
Robert Harris’ article for The Digital Bits that discusses the work that went into preparing Lawrence of Arabia for release as a Superbit DVD.

Widescreen Museum: Lawrence of Arabia
Web site hosts a collection of stills taken from Lawrence of Arabia.

Lean Times: A David Lean Profile
An outstanding 3-part profile on David Lean written by Trevor Hogg for the web site Flickering Myth.

A few words about... Dr. Zhivago -- in Blu-Ray
Archivist Robert Harris offers some interesting notes on the “restoration” of Dr. Zhivago on Blu-ray. This is part of a forum discussion that continues for several pages.

Twice Around: Anne V. Coates talks about Lawrence of Arabia
Interesting interview with the celebrated editor of many films including Lawrence of Arabia. Mandatory reading for any fan of the film!

Online Reviews

Brief review of Lawrence of Arabia. The author-Gary Kamiya-praises the films overall look but supports the criticism that the film is "murky, mudled, and usure of what it is saying."

Chicago Sun Times: Lawrence of Arabia
Roger Eberts review of Lawrence of Arabia. A positive review of the Lawrence originally published after the re-release of the film. Ebert provides a bit of background on the real Lawrence and describes the unique experience of seeing Lawrence on a large screen. Rated: four stars out four.

Washington Post: Lawrence of Arabia (PG)
A positive review of the film published after the re-release of Lawrence. The author states it is difficult to review a film that "is too emotionally overpowering for critical reservations." Written by Desson Howe on February 3, 1989.

Chicago Sun Time: Doctor Zhivago.
Roger Eberts review of the film. Ebert aligns himself with fellow critics who thought the film "lumbers noisily from nowhere to nowhere." However, Ebert does praise the films mis-en-scene and how well Lean captured the feeling of Russia during that period. Rated: three stars out of four.

Mr. Cranky rates Lawrence of Arabia
Mr. Cranky--the infamous internet reviewer--gives Lawrence "one bomb." Not a good rating. He declares that Lawrence "is a sissy, albeit a sissy who likes hot weather," and states that "no barf bag is big enough to contain the level of disgust [for this film]." The site also contains links to discussions on Mr. Cranky's review and other related items.