Zhivago Blu-Ray Arrives May 4th

Doctor Zhivago will arrive on 5/4 on both formats as a new 45th Anniversary Edition.

As per Warner's usual, the film has been lovingly restored by Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging to exacting detail. Both the DVD (SRP $24.99) and Blu-ray (SRP $35.99) will include audio commentary with Omar Sharif, Rod Steiger and Lady Sandra Lean (the wife of the film's director, Sir David Lean), an introduction to the film by Sharif, 2 newly-produced featurettes (Doctor Zhivago: A Celebration and Doctor Zhivago: The Making of a Russian Epic), 11 vintage featurettes (including Zhivago: Behind the Camera with David Lean, David Lean's Film of Doctor Zhivago, Moscow in Madrid, Pasternak, New York Press Interviews Omar Sharif, New York Press Interviews Julie Christie, Geraldine Chaplin Screen Test, This is Omar Sharif, This is Julie Christie, This is Geraldine Chaplin and Chaplin in New York) and the film's theatrical trailer.

The Blu-ray will also come packaged in a 44-page booklet (with essays and cast photos), that also includes an 8-song soundtrack selection CD.

(Synopsis taken from thedigitalbits.com.)