Edie Fowlie's Memoir

Fowlie Book Cover

“David Lean's Dedicated Maniac Memoirs of a Film Specialist” has been released by Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd. This is Edie Fowlie’s memoir on his long career working for David Lean. Here is the production description via Amazon.com. “From blowing up the bridge on the River Kwai and covering the Spanish countryside in fake snow during Doctor Zhivago...to being urinated on by Robert Mitchum, Eddie Fowlie multifaceted film specialist, adventurer and all-round troubleshooter led a remarkable career. From modest beginnings in a quiet London suburb and armed with little more than bagfuls of confidence and a steely determination, he broke into the movie industry during Hollywood s golden era, working with some of the world s leading film directors. But it was his unique relationship with David Lean that provided him with some of the most cherished years of his career. The two were a perfect foil for each other, becoming close friends and work colleagues until the end of the director s life. Fowlie s candid life-story is also a hilarious rollercoaster ride by one of life s mavericks a true dedicated maniac.”

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