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Anne Coates Interview Posted has posted an excellent interview with Lawrence of Arabia’s editor, Anne V. Coats. Mandatory reading for any fan. You can read the interview by clicking here.


"Film Director" by David Lean

Taken from Oswell Blakeston’s book, Working for the Films (published in 1947), “Film Director” is an interesting chapter specifically written by David Lean for the book. This chapter is now online and available for reading.

Who Wrote Lawrence of Arabia?

An excellent--and very lengthy--article on the debate on Michael Wilson’s screen credit for his contribution to the Lawrnece of Arabia script has been added to the site. Note: The Writer’s Guild did evenutally give Wilson credit as it appears in current prints of the film. Click Here to read.

Restoring Lawrence

The excellent interview with Robert Harris on the reconstruction of Lawrence of Arabia has been added. You can find it within the Writings-->Articles section of the site. You can read the article by clicking here.

Davd Lean Audio Interview

Hear Davdi Lean speak!! From the Sound on Film audio series is a lengthy and fascinating interview with David Lean. A exclusive.

Director's Notes

Lean’s notes on the re-editing of Lawrence of Arabia after its premiere has been added to the site. You can find it here.