Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

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Film Credits

Production Credits

Production Company:
Assistant Director:
2n Unit Photography:
Camera Operator:
Production Designer:
Art Director:
Sound Recording:
Sound Editor:
Production Manager:
Location Manager:
Casting Director:
Set Dresser:
Property Master:
Running Time (1962):
(1971 Reissue):
(1988 Restoration):
(2012 4K Release):
'88 Restoration Producers:
Original Release Date:

Horizon Pictures (G.B)
Sam Spiegel
David Lean
Roy Stevens
Robert Bolt & Michal Wilson
F.A. Young (65mm Panavision)
Skeets Kelly, Nicholas Roeg, Peter Newbrook
Ernets Day
Anne V. Coats
John Box
Phyllis Dalton
John Stoll
Paddy Cunningham
Winston Ryder
John Palmer
Douglas Twiddy
Maude Spector
Dario Simoni
John Apperson
Eddie Fowlie
Maurice Jarre
222 minutes-24,975 ft
187 minutes
218 minutes
227 minutes
Robert A. Harris & Jim Painten
9 December, 1962  (Odeon, London)

Cast Credits

T. E. Lawrence:
Prince Feisel:
Auda Abu Tayi:
General Allenby:
Turkish Bey:
Colonel Brighton:
Mr. Dryden:
Jackson Bentley:
General Murray:
Sherif Ali Ibn el Kharish:

Peter O'Toole
Alec Guiness
Anthony Quinn
Jack Hawkins
Jose Ferrer
Anthony Quayle
Claude Rains
Arthur Kennedy
Donald Wolfit
Sherif Ali Ibn el Kharish:

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Production for Lawrence of Arabia began in Feburary of 1960. Shooting began in Jordan in May, 1961 and continued until the end of September. In March of 1962 filming moved to Almeria and then to Morocco in July where on-location filming finally ended in August. Last scenes were shot in England.

Academy Awards
Best Picture of the Year
Best Achievement in Directing
Best Achievement in Cinematography
Best Achievement in Editing
Best Musical Score
Best Achievement in Art Direction
Set Decoration (Color Films)
Best Achievement in Sound

British Film Academy Awards
Best Film from Any Source
Best British Screenplay
Best British Actor (O'Toole)

Golden Globes
Best Production-Drama
Best Director
Best Supporting Actor (Sharif)
Best Cinematography-Color

AFI's 100 Greatest Films
Chosen as #5 out of 100


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Lawrence of Arabia (Restored Version)

Special Features
BD Disc 1:
• Fully-restored feature
• Picture-in-Graphic "Secrets of Arabia" (Blu-ray Exclusive)

BD Disc 2:
•. Peter O'Toole Revisits "Lawrence of Arabia" (Blu-ray Exclusive)
•. The Making of Lawrence of Arabia documentary (Restored Version)
•. 5 Featurettes
•. NY Premiere (Newsreel)
•. Advertising Campaigns (Restored Version)
•. Theatrical Trailer

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Lawrence of Arabia (50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition)

Special Features
•  3 Blu-ray discs (3rd disc exclusive to the gift set) featuring:
Fully-restored version of the film
•. New Blu-ray exclusive special features including Picture-in-Graphic and interviews with Peter O'Toole and Martin Scorsese.
•. Soundtrack CD, including two previously unreleased tracks
Hard-bound coffee table book including full-color photos, history of the film's significance, insight into the making of the film, and editorial pieces by Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg
•. Numbered, mounted 70mm film cell
•. Limited edition collector's package including Lawrence of Arabia image presented in a deluxe 50th Anniversary slipcase and o-ring.

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Lawrence of Arabia: The 30th Anniversary Pictorial History by L. Robert Morris and Lawrence Raskin
Hardcover & Paperback

Specially compiled for the film's 30th anniversary, this volume provides, for the first time, an account of this film's remarkable genesis, artistry, and influence. 425 photographs, 75 in full-color.

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The Making of David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia by Adrian Turner
Hardcover (out of print)

A definitive account of the film using Turner’s privileged position as a long-standing friend of David Lean’s.  Includes full-colour illustrations taken directly from a 70mm print, and extensive interviews with cast and crew.

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The Epic Films of David Lean by Constatine Santas
Hardcover and Kindle Editions

In this study, Constantine Santas seeks to restore Lean's epics to the elevated esteem they once held. In his analyses, Santas provides background material on the production of each epic; insights into structure, characters, techniques, and themes; and a look into the relationship between the films and their literary sources. 

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Lawrence of Arabia (BFI Film Classics) by Kevin Jackson

This study argues that the film is a unique blend of visionary image-making, narrative power, mythopoetic charm and psychological acuteness; far from being a Boy's Own Tale, it is one of popular cinema's greatest tragedies. This volume brings together a critical analysis of the film and an account of its tangled production history--combining these elements with the story of attempts by Alexander Korda and others to bring Lawrence's story to the screen.

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Original 1962 Trailer
Hosted by YouTube

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How David Lean Created Ali’s Mesmerizing Entrance
YouTube Video

A video essay written, edited, and narrated by Tyler Knudsen about the production of “Lawrence of Arabia” and, in particular, the entrance of Sharif Ali.

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David Lean's Scene Transitions
Online Streaming

The Royal Ocean Film Society examines the work of David Lean and his unique ways of cutting picture and sound together to make transitions really shine.

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David Lean directs Noël Coward
Blu-Ray Box Set

A boxed collection of the David Lean and Noël Coward's collaboration in high-definition digital transfers from the BFI National Archive’s 2008 restorations. Additional features included uncompressed monaural soundtracks and audio commentary.

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David Lean’s Editing Notes

Read David Lean's notes on the editing of Lawrence of Arabia following the film's premier.

Coming Soon
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Lawrence of Arabia Screenplay
Downloadable PDF

Download and read Robert Bolt's screenplay for Lawrence of Arabia

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Restoring Lawrence of Arabia (press kit)
Downloadable PDF

Columbia picture’s press kit for the re-release of Lawrence of Arabia after its restoration in 1988.

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David Lean directs Noël Coward
Downloadable PDF

A boxed collection of the David Lean and Noël Coward's collaboration in high-definition digital transfers from the BFI National Archive’s 2008 restorations. Additional features included uncompressed monaural soundtracks and audio commentary.