Ryan’s Daughter (1970)

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Film Credits

Production Credits

Production Company:

Associate Producer:
Camera Operator:
Production Designer:
Art Director:
Set Director:
Construction Manager:
Running Time:
Release Date:

Faraway Productions
A.G. Film-MGM
Anthony Havelock-Allen
Roy Stevens
David Lean
Robert Bolt
F.A. Young (Super Panavision 70)
Ernest Day
Norman Savage
Stephen Grimes
Roy Walker
Josie MacAvin
Peter Dukelow
Jocelyn Richards
Charles Parker
Maurice Jarre
206 minutes--22,880 ft.
December 9, 1970 (London)

Cast Credits

Rosy Ryan:
Charles Shaughnessy:
Father Hugh Collins:
Major Randolph Doryan:
Tom Ryan:
Tim O'Leary:

Sarah Miles
Robert Mitchum
Trevor Howard
Christopher Jones
John Mills
Leo McKern
Barry Foster

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Ryan's Daughter was filmed on location on the West Coast of Ireland and in North Africa. Shooting began in February of '69. Twelve months went into actual production with six months of editing. The fictional village of Kirrary was built for the film at the tip of the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry. The school house where Shaughnessy taught still stands today.

Academy Awards
Best Cinematography
Best Supporting Actor, Mills
Best Actress, Miles (nominated)
Best Sound (nominated)

British Academy Awards
Best Actress, Miles
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Direction

Best Film
Best Film Editing (nominated)
Best Sound Track (nominated)
Best Supporting Actor, Mills (nominated)
Best Supporting Actress, Crowley (nominated)

British Society of Cinematographers
Best Cinematography - Freddie Young

Golden Globes, USA
Best Supporting, Mills
Best Motion Picture
Actress - Drama, Miles
Best Supporting Actor, Howard (nominated)


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Ryan’s Daughter - Two Disc Special Edition

Special Features
•. Commentary by: Lady Sandra Lean, Sarah Miles, Petrine Day Mitchum (Robert Mitchum's daughter), assistant director Michael Stevenson, second unit director Roy Stevens, art director Roy Walker, assistant editor Tony Lawson, location manager Eddie Fowlie, stuntman Vic Armstrong, biographer Stephen M. Silverman, and directors John Boorman, Hugh Hudson and Richard Schickel Unknown Format
•. Vintage documentaries: Ryan's Daughter: A Story of Love; We're the Last of the Traveling Circuses
•. The Making of Ryan's Daughter (a three-part 35th-anniversary documentary)
•. Two theatrical trailers 

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Ryan’s Daughter

Special Features
•  Theatrical Trailer

iTunes Stream
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The Epic Films of David Lean by Constatine Santas
Hardcover and Kindle Editions

In this study, Constantine Santas seeks to restore Lean's epics to the elevated esteem they once held. In his analyses, Santas provides background material on the production of each epic; insights into structure, characters, techniques, and themes; and a look into the relationship between the films and their literary sources. 

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Troubled Epic: On Location with Ryan's Daughter by Michael Tanner
Paperback & eBook Availability

An unvarnished account of the troubled shooting of Ryan's Daughter, both on and off camera, and how its stars - Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles, Trevor Howard, Christopher Jones, and John Mills - coped with a year on Ireland's west coast in 1969.

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Original 1970 Trailer
YouTube Video

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Behind the Scenes of Doctor Zhivago
YouTube Video

Film Histories takes a look at the critical failure of David Lean's Ryan's Daughter, which pushed Lean into self exile to not return for more than a decade.  (Note: the author of this video takes liberties with the some of the facts on the “behind-the-scenes” trivia. Example, Mitchum didn’t “drug” Jones, he offered him marijuana to help with an intimate scene.)

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Ryan’s Daughter Screenplay by Robert Bolt
Downloadable PDF

Script dated 10/7/70 with the original title “Michael’s Day” scratched out and “Ryan’s Daughter” typed above it.

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Lawrence of Arabia Screenplay
Downloadable PDF

Download and read Robert Bolt's screenplay for Lawrence of Arabia